5 Podcasts to listen to in 2020

Podcasts are on the rise! This is due to the fact that people hate friction and like it comfortable. Podcasts give you the ability to get educated and entertained while driving or at the gym. No need to look into a screen or read. This is one fact why more and more brands use this new medium to communicate. Another important fact of the podcast success is the creation of real communities that have a much higher attention span than any other channel of communication. We want to share with you 5 podcasts that are our main source of information on topics that surround the marketing area and that wide your knowledge about the latest trends in tech, biologie and physics.


The podcast that got me to my addictive listening behavior. Back in 2015 I was presented this podcast that showcases topics surrounding science, math, biotech and psychologie. A must listen if you like to get educated on historical events and futur thoughts. The podcast for long car rides.

In this episode: Crispr and the futur of humanity


Online Marketing Rockstars is a yearly event that brings together 50000 marketing experts and industry leaders. Philipp Westermeyer the founder has his own podcast where he invites fascinating guests from every area of the business industry. Startup owners, Unicorns, Investers and many more. This podcast is mainyl in German but you’ll find some english episodes aswell. It mainly turns around digital marketing topics and how his guest have gained their huge success. My morning motivation before work.

This episode: Tarek Müller from About You who talks about the clothing market and how he build his empire with an own e-commerce design.


The most succesful podcast worldwide. Maybe my favorite and most listened to. Joe Rogan likes extended talks with people from all areas. The range goes from Elon Musk to Bernie Sanders via comedians, physicists, CIA agents, and many many more. The knowledge you get out of the talks is comparable of reading a book do to the simple fact of the lenght. 3 hour talks are usual. I watch it on Youtube in the evening instead of Tv or Netflix.

In this episode: Jordan Peterson, a clinical psychologist and tenured professor of psychology at the University of Toronto.


Best seller author and angel investor Tim Ferris has his own very successful podcast with guests from various domains, including the business and motivational domain. A good source of knowledge around how to be successful with your company or brand.

In this episode: Tips on how to invest with a clear mind and thinking.


London real has become a good source of inspirational thoughts and thinking. This podcast hosts guests that have extraordinary life histories. Very entertaining!

In this episode: Wim Hof “The Ice Man” and how to set your mind for difficult tasks.


Startup stories and entrepreneurship are the main topics that are being discussed in this young and fresh, Berlin based podcast. A hidden gem for every fan of success stories and how to create your own.

In this epidsode: Christophe Gerber from Lieferando.de who has made a billion dollar IPO.

What are your favorite Podcasts. Send us your gems here: hello@parcours.social


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